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Lion Fish Hunt Experience

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An exciting diving experience, but also good for the environment! The Lionfish is an invasive species in the Caribbean. Because they don’t have any natural predators here, they have the chance to multiply quickly, overtaking and killing native species, which results in a huge danger for the aquatic life on Curacao. To control this invasion, hunting lionfish is only allowed under strict rules. 

During this dive, you learn why we do this, how to recognize them, and safely catch. At the end of the dive, you could bring your caught lionfish to the restaurant who will turn it into a delicious meal!
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  • All equipment and materials included
  • What to bring: towel & swim clothing

- Certified Divers – This activity is only for certified divers. Not certified yet? Check out the PADI Open Water Diver Course.
- Flying and Diving – You will not be able to dive if you are flying within 12 hours or if doing two dives, 18 hours.